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Full & Part Rewires

MJ Bryson Electrical have been rewiring residences and local companies in Bristol and Bath for over 40 years.

Malfunctioning electrics can be a severe fire danger to your home or business. This is why it's vital to check that your wiring is in good condition on a regular basis. We could remove the risk of electrical faults with our rewiring service. Our home rewiring includes extra fuse boxes, sockets and consumer units.

The life expectancy of a brand-new electrical installation is around 20 Years. There are lots of variables that impact the life expectancy including the type of wiring and how it was installed. As the life of an installation is very long, it is easy to forget that it will eventually require replacing.

Electrical rewiring entails the replacement of old, harmful or non-compliant electrical equipment. This can be cables, fittings or distribution boards (fuse boxes). MJ Bryson Electrical are fully experienced in this kind of electrical work.

Contemplating a total rewire is a huge undertaking. But it is beneficial in upgrading your house electrics to satisfy existing guidelines. Most significantly, it will comply with security standards. 

A house rewire will additionally make the electrical wiring in your house extra capable. It will be able to of meet today's demands regarding electrical home appliances.

Does your House Need a Rewire?

Old wiring. Many homes in the UK still have old wiring. This is not necessarily risky, yet it could conceal potential faults that could trigger problems in the future. Old wiring are wires covered in Fabric, lead or rubber.

Not enough lights and sockets. Another reason to consider rewiring could result from the lack of sockets and lighting fittings available in your house. If this is minimal than it may be a lot more efficient to rewire than to prolong the installation

Here at MJ Bryson Electrical  we could upgrade your electrical system. This will consist of sockets located in the ideal locations to accommodate your requirements. This also includes cutting-edge consumer system to change your old circuit box.  This will have circuit breakers and residual current devices. 

Rewiring a home is a significant endeavour. However, rest assured we will execute the job as rapidly and successfully as possible.