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Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

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Emergency Electrician

We offer an emergency electrician service. Call us today for electrical fault finding in Somerset. We can be counted on to provide reliable repairs. We can tackle any electrical projects, large or small. 

Bristol Electrician

From installing industrial machinery to replacing a light switch in a domestic dwelling, leave it to the professionals. We can even diagnose any potential faults in a preventative maintenance plan.

Electrical Contractor

We can also offer advice and guidance on the design and planning of electrical circuits to ensure individual circuits are functioning optimally without compromising safety. 

Electrical Fault Finding and Repairs Bristol 

MJ Bryson Electrical specialise in electrical fault finding and repairs throughout Bristol.

We know how frustrating it can be when there is an electrical fault- with the advance of technology we often take electricity for granted.

A power failure in your home might as well land you back in the stone ages. MJ Bryson Electrical are well-established with over 35 years of experience, offering emergency electrical repairs in Bristol. Based in Bath, our central location means we can serve across the county. 

Electrical Fault Finding and Repairs

Being a small, family-run business, we can respond rapidly, 24/7 to any electrical emergencies. Most of our essential equipment is kept on the van so in most cases, we can diagnose the issue and resolve it in one visit, saving you the hassle and allowing you to return to civilisation as soon as possible. Our team are fully qualified and trained to the highest standards, we have been an NICEIC approved contractor for over 30 years, so you know you are in safe hands.

Electricians In Bristol
Fault Finding
Bristol Electrician
NICEIC approved contractor

Domestic and Commercial Electricians 

We undertake contracts, ongoing maintenance plans and available as sub-contractors to any building project. We have experience in working with all sizes of buildings and dwellings of different functions. We can design and install electrical circuit systems in new buildings, extensions and renovations. No job is too large or too small.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. From the initial contact, we always aim to provide a personal, reliable service. 

Whether you need a complete re-wiring throughout the property or adding new electrical outlets, you can count on us to provide an honest and competitive quote for your needs. We are also certified by ECA to issue electrical safety certificates for inspections and PAT Testing, which is a legal requirement for landlords of domestic and commercial buildings.This helps to protect the safety of the occupants and is also mandatory for building insurance in most cases.

Cheap Electrician Bristol

Cheap Electrician Bristol

When selecting an electrician, it's crucial not base your decision on price alone. 

If new parts are needed, and there are different options available, the ethical approach would be to present you with the options and offer advice and guidance to which one is best suited for the customer's needs.

Unless it's an emergency call-out, you should always obtain quotes from several professional electrical contractors. This can help you make sure you get a fair quote, and by cross-referencing the estimates and what's included, you can get a clear snapshot of what you are paying for.

Unfortunately, some electricians will opt for the cheapest option to produce a lower quote, even if that part wasn't the most suitable for the requirements of the project. By cross-referencing multiple quotes, this can help highlight any unusual amounts. 

NICEIC Electrical Contractor 

All of the staff at MJ Bryson Electrical are continuously trained to the highest industry standard. We have been an NICEIC approved contractor for over 35 years- we take electrical safety seriously and are committed to making your home or office as safe as possible. As outlined in the Part P of the Approved Documents (Electrical Safety), there are also legal requirements for this aspect. This is because an electrical fault could lead to devastating effects such as a fire.

Because of the potentially dangerous consequences, it's never a good idea to attempt electrical work if you are not entirely competent or experienced. Professional electrical contractors may be more costly than a DIY attempt, but by choosing a certified and qualified electrician, you are also guaranteed peace of mind that your electrical system is working at an optimum level and not posing as a risk to the health and safety to the occupants in a building.

Local Electrician Near Me

MJ Bryson Electrical is proud to have served the local community of Bristol for over 40 years. We are one of the leading electricians in the area of Bristol, Bath and throughout the county. Over the years we have provided our services to homes and offices throughout Somerset. 

Our high-quality workmanship and reliable service have earned us an excellent reputation. We are fortunate to have received many positive reviews, and this is reflected in the fact that most of our work is returning customers or by recommendations.

In addition to electrical safety inspections and emergency call-outs, we can also install new electrical circuits and systems. From adding an extra plug socket in a room to incorporating new electrical systems such as fire alarms, gate access entry to CCTV systems. Our experience in the industry also allows us to offer professional advice and guidance to any project.

Commercial Electrician Bristol

MJ Bryson Electrical provides a wide range of services for commercial dwellings.

All work carried out by us is fully compliant with Part P of the Building Regulations, no matter the purpose of the residence. We are proud of our continued high quality of work; we offer a long warranty guarantee to any work we carry out.

As part of building insurance requirements, the proprietor of a commercial dwelling must provide an electrical safety certificate issued by an approved contractor. This falls within our expertise, amongst other services such as the installation and maintenance of lighting systems, entry access systems and fire alarms. We also offer an ongoing preventative maintenance plan for maximum peace of mind. 

Commercial Electrician Bristol

We understand that it can be costly to have an electrical failure in your business, so we always aim to respond rapidly to any emergency call-outs. You can call us 24/7 on 07860 491 187 for emergency situations.

Local Domestic Electrician

Local Domestic Electrician

For a domestic dwelling, it's recommended that a thorough electrical inspection is carried out roughly every ten years.

This can help to identify any failing components and replace it before it becomes faulty and potentially pose a hazard. It's also a good idea to leave any repair work to professionals, as an accident could be dangerous. For the addition of circuits such as the case of a home extension, it can be beneficial to perform a general health check on the existing circuits to make sure they are performing optimally.

We can provide a range of services for domestic dwellings such as PAT testing, security, and the installation and maintenance of renewable energy sources such as solar panels. We always aim to provide a speedy service with minimal disruption to your home, and will not leave any mess after we are finished. Attention to detail is taken wherever possible to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Emergency Electrician Somerset

An electrical failure can be extremely inconvenient to the modern lifestyle, especially if it happens unseasonably. In the worst case scenario, you could be left without warmth and amenities to cook, which are the basics of life. It could also be especially costly for commercial businesses if it occurs during business hours. MJ Bryson Electrical are available 24 hours a day to provide an emergency call-out service to diagnose and resolve any electrical faults you may have.  

Most of our equipment is with us at all times, so we can offer a rapid response to an electrical emergency. While we are on the way to you, a member of our team will communicate with you to understand the situation and if required, provide instructions to prepare for our arrival. This can include keeping young children and pets away from any faults or ensuring no further strain is put on the system.

Electrical Services Bristol

Electrical Inspection Bristol

MJ Bryson Electrical is located conveniently in Bath, which means we can offer our electrical services across Bath, Bristol and in some cases throughout the county. 

Contact us today for electrical fault finding and repairs throughout Bristol and Bath. Please call 01225 426 230 to discuss your requirements with our helpful electricians.

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